Joanne Bagshaw - Counselor, Ma, LMHC, PhD, LCPC

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Joanne Bagshaw - Counselor, Ma, LMHC

Joanne Bagshaw is a psychology professor, writer, and licensed counselor.

In her private pratice, Joanne specializes in trauma, personal development, and family transitions. She offers mindful and embodied psychotherapy services
to help individuals and families learn to fully express themselves, connect deeply with others, and live authentic, meaningful lives. Joanne believes that good therapy can be fun and challenging, and she brings warmth, compassion, and humor to the therapeutic relationship.



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Trauma and PTSD

Attachment Patterns

Domestic Abuse or Violence

Rape/Sexual Assault

Adults who were Abused as Children

Relationship Issues

Couples Therapy

Life Pattern Issues/Personal Growth




Contemplative Practices


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